I admire marathonists. They train their endurance, smartly and persistently.  They know how to manage their energy, and restrain their natural impulse to give a 100% and save it for the last part. They train their patience, resistance, and how to motivate themselves when things are hard. Marathons are more about mental toughness than physical endurance.

I believe that things will always come back sooner or later, and everything is defined in the long run. The vision, the little wins, the habits, they all come together in the final sum.

Sometimes I felt drained. My energy sucked by all these vibes and thoughts and bad energy, which originates in conflict or jealous people, or all frustration and negativity around. I know that obstacles sometimes feel like mountains. In some periods, they come together. Like a wave of punches. And there is when we really demonstrate what we are made of.

We have limited energy. And we need to learn how to manage it well. Where to invest it, and how. Also, we need to know which things energize us, what activities give us stamina, and make us clear our minds, and reset the level so we can go on.

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